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Remote Events & Resources

Remote events were developed to mimic traditional FIRST Tech Challenge events, while practicing social distancing guidelines. Since teams are not able to gather and compete in the traditional head-to-head competition format, the season’s official full Playing Field has been adapted to allow Teams to play as a single Team on a single field. Remote Teams may order an official half version of this seasons field or compete using a modified version of the field. Teams will still sign up for events with their local partners and will be provided a window to submit their own Match scores, which will determine their rankings. Unlike traditional events, the scoring of the official Matches is done by the Team, rather than an event volunteer. Teams will participate in judging interviews via video conference.

Remote Event Resources

  • Game Manual Part 1 – RemoteEvents: This is a pared-down version of the traditional manual, with many of the in-person event rules and resources removed. Robot build rules are the same for both traditional and remote events.
  • Game Manual Part 2 – RemoteEvents: The remote game manual covers the rules for a single team competing in the challenge. Rules that referred to a traditional, head to head alliance style competition are removed or altered to fit with single team gameplay.
  • Remote Field Requirements Guide: This guide provides options for teams on how to set up their own remote playing field while stating the minimum requirements to compete remotely in official matches.
  • DIY Field Element Guide: This guide offers detailed instructions on how to build a tower goal, return rack, and power shot out of cardboard. These items are competition legal and can be used to compete in official remote matches.
  • Return Rack PDF: This is the template teams can use to help trace the return rack when building the cardboard field elements.
  • Low Cost Field Perimeter Guide –Remote: This guide is optional and shows the steps on how to build a field perimeter out of PVC pipe.