Career Quest: Real Stories, Real Success

“Career Quest: Real Stories, Real Success” is a dynamic and educational program aimed at inspiring and informing students about various career pathways through real-life stories of professionals. This program invites guest speakers from a range of industries to visit classrooms and share their personal journeys, career trajectories, and current job insights.


Career Quest seeks to enrich students’ learning experiences by connecting them with real-world professionals. By hearing firsthand accounts of success and exploring diverse career paths, students gain motivation and valuable insights, helping them navigate their own paths to future success.

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Program Goals:

  • Inspiration and Motivation: Spark students’ enthusiasm by showcasing the remarkable success stories of professionals who have reached significant career milestones.
  • Career Exploration: Open doors to diverse career options and shed light on the educational journeys that pave the way to success in various fields.
  • Educational Guidance: Emphasize the crucial role of education, skill development, and lifelong learning in achieving career aspirations.
  • Interactive Learning: Offer students a chance to engage directly with industry professionals, ask questions, and gain valuable insights into different job roles and industries.


  • Guest Speakers: Connect with professionals from a range of backgrounds who join virtually to share their unique experiences.
  • Presentations and Q&A Sessions: Each session features an engaging presentation followed by a lively Q&A where students interact directly with the speaker.
  • Follow-up Activities: Teachers conduct a survey after each session, sending results to FIRST Robotics Canada. Optional follow-up activities may include reflective essays, career research projects, or class discussions based on the guest speakers’ insights.


  • Real-world Relevance: Help students see how their classroom learning connects to real-world careers.
  • Motivation: Inspire students with firsthand success stories, encouraging them to set and pursue ambitious career goals.
  • Career Guidance: Provide valuable mentorship and guidance as students explore their career options and educational pathways.

Target Audience:

  • Middle school and high school students who are exploring career possibilities and planning their future educational journeys.


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