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What is the FIRST Robotics Canada Affiliated School Board Program?

FIRST Robotics Canada’s Affiliated School Board program is designed to allow Ontario School Boards that believe in the power of FIRST to provide better and greater access to FIRST programs to their students. By becoming a FIRST Robotics Canada Affiliated School Board, your board will gain access to exclusive programs, resources and discounts to help with the scalability and accessibility of FIRST in your schools.

Exclusive program: Get discounts on products and programs and receive increased grants.

Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Bringing in experts to teach coding and robotics can provide students with hands-on learning experiences that may not be readily available through traditional classroom instruction. This can enhance their understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects and foster a more profound interest in these fields.

Curriculum Alignment: As the curriculum in Ontario evolves to include more emphasis on technology and coding, partnering with external partners like FIRST can help school boards prepare for these changes and ensure that students are ready for the demands of the modern workforce.

Professional Development for Teachers: Collaborating with experts in coding and robotics can also serve as professional development opportunities for teachers. FIRST seeks to collaborate with teachers to support inquiry based and project based classroom delivery models for de-streamed classes. With teacher shortages and the introduction of the TAS10 mandatory Technology credit, we can provide teacher training and support to up-skill teachers for this new course.

During these half-day, in-person STEM workshops, students in Grades 1 – 8 will have the opportunity to develop their communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills through participation in a hands-on learning experience in which they build vehicular robots using LEGO SPIKE Prime or LEGO SPIKE Essential sets, learn coding concepts that align with expectations in the Ontario Mathematics and Science & Technology Curricula and apply their coding skills to bring their creations to life.

FREE Half-Day FIRST In-Class Sessions:

Non-Affiliated  vs Affiliated Savings Example: (based on the example of 6 sessions)

Non-Affiliated Boards:

  • Pay $500 for each of the six sessions, totalling $3000.

Affiliated Boards:

  • Three free sessions (save $1500 compared to non-affiliated boards)
  • The subsequent three sessions cost $350 each  (savings of $150×3)

Total Savings: $1950 ( includes 3 free sessions and three discounted sessions)

Teachers interested in implementing Elementary or Secondary FIRST programs, either in the classroom or as an extracurricular activity, can participate in a full day (can also be split up over two half days) immersive professional learning session in which they will:

  • Learn approaches to implementing FIRST programs which will impact student outcomes
  • Explore the capabilities and applications of LEGO and all other robotics kits in the FIRST continuum of programs (and their associated programming software)
  • Become familiar with the program components and available resources
  • Understand how the FIRST programs align with expectations for mathematics, science, and language curricula.
  • Discuss the next steps and develop an action plan for implementation.

Workshops and Training:
Teacher Training Example: 

  •   Non-Affiliated: $5000 for 20 teachers  
  •   Affiliated: The first session is FREE for 20 teachers, and the second is $3000 for 20 teachers. 

  Total Savings: $7000 (includes 1 free and 1 discounted workshop)

FIRST Robotics Canada brings coding to the classroom with virtual workshops led by experienced representatives using FTC SIM. FTC SIM is free online software that enables users to code virtual robots with Blocks or Java through challenges to learn coding fundamentals. These modules enhance students’ coding skills and logical reasoning, aligning with the new Ontario curriculum requirements. Educators can easily assign tasks and track student progress by creating a “class” in the FTC SIM while seamlessly and accessibly integrating coding education into their classrooms. This initiative enriches learning experiences, equips educators, and fosters a passion for coding and robotics.

  • Non-Affiliated: $500 per half day workshop 
  • Affiliated: 3 free, subsequent are $350

Unlock up to a 25% discount on select items from specified robotics vendors exclusively for our Affiliated Boards.

With Your Affiliation, You Also Receive Many Added Items FREE of Charge:

Priority Technical Support: Provided virtually through our regional hubs for all FIRST programs.

Office Hours with Program Partners: Receive 1 hour per week of dedicated office hours with our Program Management Staff.

Guest Speaker Series (5 in Total): 

The Virtual Guest Speaker Series connects classrooms with industry leaders, offering insightful discussions on STEM career opportunities. Students learn firsthand about professionals’ journeys, inspiring them to explore diverse STEM paths.

FTC SIM – Enjoy teacher support and access to exclusive puzzles and features.

Exclusive Affiliate Rookie Grant:

Enroll before October 16, 2024, and receive up to 15 rookie grants valued at $200 each, totaling $3000. Use these grants for new team registrations or Class Packs, giving your students more opportunities to experience hands-on STEM learning. 

Non-Affiliated: not provided

Affiliated: included in package complimentary

 Total Savings: $3000

Total Investment: $10,000 

Total Savings: $11,950 (plus product discounts and other items listed under “Additional Perks”

The total number of eligible discounted training sessions, classroom sessions, and grants are to be determined

Please fill out the form below for more information about the FIRST Robotics Canada Affiliated School Board Program. Our Director of Education, John Hobbins, will be happy to discuss the options with you. 

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