CanCode and FIRST Robotics Canada Overview

FIRST Robotics Canada, in partnership with CanCode, is extending our programs and bringing new coding and robotics opportunities to Canadian students and teachers. 

With the support of CanCode, we will:

  • Provide students across Canada with the opportunity to develop their coding and digital skills
  • Provide Canadian teachers with the tools and training to build their confidence and knowledge to teach digital skills to students of all ages
  • Tie the coding activities to FIRST programming to help develop capacity across Canada to start FIRST teams, thereby extending the coding experience with a more profound impact on students’ lives
  • Broaden the reach of FIRST Canada, STEAM, and coding to the various underrepresented populations across the country

The impact this has is widespread, but we are explicitly looking to ensure that:

  • There will be more diversity in STEAM fields at Canadian post-secondary institutions
  • There will be an increase in the portion of the Canadian population with post-secondary credentials in STEAM in the workforce
  • Encourage more intensive training, particularly for traditionally underrepresented groups
  • Expose underrepresented students to STEAM opportunities to inspire a brighter future 

Ultimately, we are striving for Canadian youth to develop the talent and digital skills required to enhance the workforce of tomorrow!

Code with FIRST Robotics Canada

We invite your child to join us for a FREE 90-minute Virtual Coding Workshop to give kids a taste of what programming is all about! They will learn how to make a robot move and more in a virtual FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) world using FIRST Robotics Canada FTC SIM. 

What Your Child will Learn 

Each workshop will be led by two or more instructors from the world of FIRST Robotics Canada. They will teach your child how to code with Blocks or Java and to navigate their robot through increasingly difficult challenges. FIRST Canada is committed to running each session with  Gracious Professionalism (GP) at its core. GP is a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity are one of FIRST Robotics Canada’s five Strategic Pillars. We aim to make our workshops accessible to all. 

Current CanCode Inititiatives and Lesson Plans

The FIRST Robotics Canada Simulator, or FTC SIM, is a free online virtual robotics software designed for teachers, coaches, students, and team members to learn the basics of programming in FTC Blocks in a simulated FIRST Tech Challenge Blocks programming environment. The FTC SIM Is being utilized for many of our CanCode initiatives, both past and present! CLICK HERE to try your hand at coding.

Coding Initiatives

Manitoulin Island – August 8th to August 11th
STEM Program Coordinators from FIRST Robotics Canada are setting out to visit five communities on Manitoulin Island. Including ​​Providence Bay, Manitowaning, Mindemoya, Sheguiandah, and Birch Island. Our goal is to bring coding opportunities to students across Canada! If you or anyone you know is interested in seeking these opportunities, please use THIS link to sign up!

CNE – August 19th – September 5th 
The FIRST Robotics Canada CanCode team will be at the CNE to introduce YOU to our Coding Challenge! Regardless of your experience, we are excited to work with you to expand your knowledge. If you like robots, challenging yourself and learning, visit us at the CNE from August 19th – September 5th every day from 10 AM-6 PM in the Gaming Garage. See you there!

CanCode Projects

Bring your video games to life with PixelPAD

You can build FIRST Robotics POWER UP, Maker Labs and Castle Crashers games using the coding handbook and pre-made game guide.

CanCode in the Yukon

FIRST Robotics Canada is on a mission! We are on a mission to educate even more kids and youth about coding and programming. Thanks to CanCode funding, FIRST is embarking on some exciting new initiatives to get students engaged in coding.
Check out our coding booth at FIRST Robotics Competition events and check out some of our partners we’re working with on some cool programs!

FRC Java Tutorials

As part of the CanCode program, we’ve created a complete FIRST Robotics Competition Java tutorial series to get you started for this years’ game. The tutorials will teach you the basics of programming starting from your first drive commands to using sensors!

EV3 Tutorials

We’ve created a complete FIRST LEGO League EV3 tutorial series to get you started no matter what your coding abilities are! The tutorials will teach you everything from how to upload code to your EV3 to how you can make your own blocks!

You love coding but you don’t know what kinds of opportunities the world of coding offers?

What kind of careers are out there? What companies hire people with coding skills? Is coding fun—even when it’s your job?

Here at FIRST Robotics Canada, we’ve been asked all of these questions and more. That’s why we created Girls in STEM—Your Future In Code. In this magazine, you’ll discover some cool coding facts and history about the industry, meet super talented women doing fascinating jobs, and learn all about where you might find your place in this amazing field.