Tournament Timeline



Thursday, April 29

Coaches and Drivers meeting (one coach and one driver attend)

Friday, April 30 (earlier is better for feedback)

Deadline to submit team intro and a sample robot game footage Team Intro Template (please use)

Saturday, May 1 -Thursday, May 6

Submit Robot Game Scores at

Saturday, May 1 - Thursday, May 6

Submit TWO (2) official video matches using this form

Saturday, May 1

Judging in morning and afternoon - schedule in email to come

Key Deliverables

  • Friday, April 30: Team intro and sample robot game video for review
  • Thursday, May 6: 2 official robot match videos

Scoring Software

Click here to access the FTC Scoring Sofware 


Registered Team List Coming Soon

Team Overview Template

Decorate this slide with your team photo (as a minimum), robot photo, team logo and any other fun photos or information about your team. You can adjust editable elements and re-size as needed.

The slide will be subject to review by FIRST Canada FTC volunteers, and you may be asked to make small edits. Do NOT include Personal Identifiable Information for students or mentors, including names, addresses, or emails.