FIRST Alumni Careers: Elizabeth Moses

Photo Courtesy of Build a Dream


Elizabeth Moses is an ambassador for Build a Dream and she’s also a graduate of the FIRST program! Elizabeth is now part of the team at Windsor Mold Inc. FIRST caught up with Elizabeth to hear about her journey.

Thank you to talented writer Emily Haws who writes and compiles this interview series.

Q1. How did you get into FIRST?

EM: I joined FIRST in 2013. I was taking a woodworking class and my teacher saw that I was interested in building. They invited me to join Team 4716 ACS Rurple Raiders and I ended up working on the mechanical team – operating the machines to produce metal components.

Q2. What do you do now?

EM: I work as a CNC Machinist apprentice at Windsor Mold Inc. After checking a job schedule, I set up 36 metal components on four stations. I operate a CNC mill called the NHX5000, and it needs programs to operate and cut designs into metal. I spend my day uploading programs to each of the four stations and then checking its cutting tools. I usually write a few programs each day.

Q3. What’s the most exciting part of your job?

EM; My job brings designs to life. Seeing the machining process and holding the finished product is incredible.

Q4. What’s the most challenging part?

EM: Every programmer programs a bit differently, and we have to find the best method as a team through trial and error. Machines in the shop also have different operations and programming software, and the industry is constantly changing.

Q5. In a few words, how did you get to where you are now?

EM: I was hired in 2017 by Windsor Mold as a machinist apprentice, where I learned how to read blueprints and taught to operate various machines. I joined the programming department in 2018 and learned my first software language. This year. I completed trade school and graduated with a Certificate of Apprenticeship from St. Clair College. January will mark three years being employed at Windsor Mold, Inc.

Q6. What drew you to this field, despite the challenges of it being so male-dominated?

EM: I loved my FRC experience and wasn’t going to let others prevent me from pursuing my career. I enjoy operating machines and I knew that I was good at it. My mentors also gave me a lot of support.

Q7. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

EM: Don’t be scared to ask questions and to challenge yourself. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you. Kindness and patience will help you win respect and support from others. No one can determine your future.

Q8. What’s one piece of career or school-related advice you would give to a new high school or post-secondary grad going into your field?

EM: Try everything you can in high school. Volunteering is a great way to build your network, which is incredibly important. Those connections can help you gain a job and companies value volunteer experience as much as work experience.


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