Microsoft Team of the Week – Team IDLX 15479

Thank you to Microsoft for supporting FIRST Robotics Canada! This week we profile FTC Team IDLX from Kwantlen Park Secondary School in Surrey, BC. This all-girls team is just getting started in robotics. How’s they’re rookie season going so far? Here’s what they have to say…

Let’s get to know the team—and they’re robot named George—a bit better.

Who is IDLX?
We are a beginner all-girls team at Kwantlen Park Secondary School in Surrey, BC. Our club started last October, 2018. We are comprised of beginner mechanics and programmers. Our team is made up of grade 9-11s. We are:

  • Lavina, 16 (Main Programmer, Driver)
  • Sarah, 15 (Field Coach, Team Leader)
  • Shania, 14 (Programmer, Building Team)
  • Isabella, 14 (Building Team, Driver)
  • Neetika, 14 (Building Team, Kit Organizer)
  • Chealsy, 16 (Building, Engineering Notebook Manager)
  • Sabrina, 14 (Building Team, Kit Organizer)

Our club advisors are Ms. Bielus and and Mr Drake.

When our club was established, we were confused at first on what to do. However, with the help of people like FIX IT, we were able to create our very first robot by following a manual and creating simple codes in programs.

George the Robot
Our robot’s name is George. He has four wheels with two motors in the back, allowing enough power to move. He has one arm that can be used to push minerals. He is powered by a REV battery and a REV expansion hub. His birthday is in November because that’s when we started building him. He was designed according to a basic robot building manual we received from Christine Nicholls, the instructor of FIX IT.

Team IDLX from Surrey, BC, working on their robot
Team IDLX from Surrey, BC, has learned a lot so far in their rookie season. (Photo: Armando Tura)

Why do we think it’s important for companies like Microsoft to support teams and students in STEM?
It’s important because it gives a chance to the kids that want to learn more but may not have the chance to at home. They also become more interested in technology and engineering, which could potentially lead to studying those subjects and making a career out of it. Technology is a growing industry that needs bright minds to shape the future.

What are our hopes for this season, our team, and ourselves?
We believe that this season our team will keep trying until we reach our very best. I hope we all learn more about robotics so we can apply all the information to our next competition season and improve the robot.

How have we overcome barriers and challenges?
Our main barrier was probably our lack of experience in FTC and knowledge of the construction of robots. We’ve overcome our barriers by getting on with our task and researching, which helped us find solutions. We remained patient and didn’t rush in our project, which also helped us find problems and solutions more easily. Taking advice from other teams also helped us overcome barriers.

What’s the best part of building a robot?
Meeting new people that are also interested in robotics and exchanging stories, tips, and knowledge. Sometimes it leads to learning things and going the extra mile to help teams that are in trouble.

What are your team’s goals and future plans?

  • Do activities in our school to promote robotics.
  • Improve our bond as a team.
  • Broaden our knowledge through experience. If possible, see professionals who do advanced robotics or go to bigger schools/universities to learn from them.
  • Improve our autonomous program and the structure of our robot.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for sponsoring our robotics team. Your support for us opens new opportunities and a chance to learn and explore more in the field of robotics. Your contribution will enable us to participate in our first FTC provincial competition this year in Victoria, BC.

Since we are complete rookies, we will be able to experience various events in our lives that we have never encountered before, and occurrences that we may use to reflect on our future endeavours. Though it may not be much, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed getting to know us here.

Sincerely yours,