FIRST Robotics Canada is excited to introduce a new cross-program initiative. So, whether you are part of FIRST LEGO Discover, FIRST Robotics Competition, or anything in between, we hope you will take part.

Beginning in May, teams (and others) will be able to identify themselves as members of the FIRST Canada “Honour Roll” after completing one or more of three challenges specifically chosen for the 2022-2023 season. These win/win challenges will impact more than just your team. Make for some great stories to share with judges and show how extraordinary your team is on social media.

They are purposefully wide-open to interpretation, so they are very flexible and can be adapted to accommodate a variety of situations.  Get creative, keep it simple or make it big!  We encourage you to help others join the honour roll too, so consider supporting other teams.  You have all year to work on your challenge(s), but we encourage you to get started early.  Most importantly, remember to incorporate the Core Values in all you do!

Use #FIRSTCanHonourRoll in any of your posts so that FIRST Robotics Canada can see what you are up to and share it with an even wider audience. Once you have completed one or more challenges, you can use this seal to show the community that you are part of the Robotics Canada Honour Roll.  Display it in your pit, put it in your email signature, include it on your website, wear it as a button, etc. it’s entirely up to you how you want to celebrate your accomplishment(s).


Challenge Options (Do just one or challenge yourself to complete all three.)

  • Invite your local representatives to follow you on social media or attend a FIRST event or competition. Ideas:  Invite the mayor to your robot reveal night or your team’s open house, invite your MP/MPP to your tournament to cheer you on, or ask school board members to be judges at local events. 
  • Learn about another FIRST program and visit a team (in-person or virtually). Ideas: Find a group taking part in FIRST LEGO League Discover and visit them to show them your robot, invite a FIRST LEGO League challenge team to join you on a field trip, mentor another team, arrange a zoom call together or meet up and do a demo together.
  • Find a new sponsor. Ideas: Find someone to donate pizza for your season’s end celebration, secure a new sponsor for your team or area teams, or find a new sponsor for an event be it provincial championships, kick-off or a conference sponsor.
Download the printable seal here