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Who are we?

At FIRST Canada we inspire young people to pursue further studies and careers in the fields of science, technology, and engineering. We pursue this mission primarily through running robotics programs, competitions, and camps.

So what is this?

The FIRST Canada Virtual Summer Camps are robotics and coding camps grounded in fundamentals of problem solving, Gracious Professionalism, and fun! More specifically our camps are about…

Block Coding 

With a simple to use block coding interface, FTC SIM, we will teach the principles of variables and robot coding. This interface is great for beginners and individuals with previous experience.

Problem Solving

With our camps, students will tackle problems related to goal-based robot movement and distance sensors. We encourage students to find unique solutions by allowing plenty of time to work out problems on their own and with the aid of their instructors.

Gracious Professionalism

Students are taught to treat one another with respect and kindness. Gracious Professionalism is all about delivering high-quality work while also emphasizing the values of others.


With FTC SIM students will navigate a virtual classroom with a virtual robot using block code. This exciting tool allows students to visually see what their robot is doing and make corrections in real-time. This 3D virtual space is incredibly exciting and gets students pumped about robotics and coding.

Why us?


We get young people excited about science and technology 

Our max class size is 10 students with 2 to 3 instructors 

With our 3D virtual environment, students get to experiment with an actual robot


How can I register?

Dates & Times

The FIRST Canada Virtual Summer Camps are one-hour long summer camps from Monday to Friday, each session is a single week.


Our camps will be running during the weeks of: 

July 5 – 9

July 12 – 16

July 19 – 23

July 26 – 30 

Aug 9 – 13

Aug 16 – 20

Aug 23 – 27

Aug 30 – 3 

During all week-long sessions we will be offering time slots of:

11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

When registering we will make every attempt possible to try and get you your top three time slots. Please keep in mind that there is still a possibility you will receive a time slot outside of your top three. 


Contact Information

For any question regarding the course material, date & time changes, or general questions please email: VirtualCamps@firstroboticscanada.org

Necessary materials

In order to successfully participate in the FIRST Canada Virtual Summer Camps it is essential that you have a computer (laptop or desktop) that can access the internet. It is recommended that your computer meets the minimum requirements for both Zoom (our meeting platform) & FTC SIM (our online robotics software) which are both free software. We highly recommend that you test both Zoom and FTC SIM by visiting the links below.

FTC SIM (https://pixelpad.io/ftcsim/)

Zoom (https://zoom.us/)

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