On this page we will provide information about two options in which you can engage your children/students in FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics.

Option 1 is a “Competitive Team” of 2-15 for kids ages 12 to 18 who would compete with other teams from around Ontario and this leads to a Provincial Championships and eventually a World Championship.

Option 2 is a “Class Pack” which is designed to be run in a classroom setting serving up to 24 students. More details on cost for each are below. 

Costs and Grants

  • Registration is $295 USD (~$375 CAD)
  • Robot Starter Kit is ~$1200 USD (~$1500 CAD) Please see the description of the kits below
  • Game Pieces
  • Qualifying Tournament ($150 CAD per event)
  • # of Students per team: 15 students max. (10 recommended)

Robot Starter Kit Breakdown

The starter kit is broken down into three components:

  • Controls Set 
      • Cost: $265 USD (~$335 CAD)
      • Purchased through: FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront
  • Electronics Set 
      • Cost: $282 USD (~$360 CAD)
      • Purchased through: FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront
  • Competition Set 
    • Cost: Varies
    • There are 4 main COMPETITION sets available to teams:

Class Pack Sample Budget ~$6,000 CAD*

  1. Registration is $895 USD (~$1100 CAD)
  2. Shipping is $87 USD (~$110 CAD)
  3. REV Education Bot is $650 USD (~$805) (per robot- classrooms need to purchase enough robots for a 1:4 robot to student ratio)

With a Class Pack (which serves 24 kids), you receive:

    • Thinkscape Learning Management System Access
    • Student Learning Modules
    • Teacher Lesson Guidance
    • 1 Mini Game Kit
    • Access to the FIRST Professional Learning Community on Thinkscape
  • *2023-24 Class Pack grants are available – see below for further information

Apply for a Grant

Grant Criteria

  1. Organizations can have a max of two (2) grants
    • Any additional grant requests will be placed on a waiting list and reviewed closer to the end of registration based on individual funding.
  2. Organizations cannot receive both a TEAM grant and CLASS PACK grant (they need to choose one or the other)
  3. CLASS PACK grants  are intended primarily for use in schools (some exceptions allowed based on discussions with the Program Lead)
  4. It is expected that CLASS PACK teams will return as CLASS PACK teams next year
  5. All FIRST Canada grants are intended to be for use with kids this year and next year at a minimum
  6. A limited number of Ontario grants are available on a first-come, first-served basis to new and returning teams

Registration Steps