Thompson Recreation Athletic Centre
Western Rd & Sarnia Road
London, ON
Mar 17 - Mar 19, 2023

Enjoy this event from home! FIRST Robotics Canada events are live-streamed to Twitch.

Venue and Parking

Parking will be at the:

South Valley Lot with overflow into the TD Waterhouse stadium Lot: http://www.uwo.ca/parking/find/map.html

Campus map: https://www.uwo.ca/about/visit/maps.html

Food and Team Eating Spaces

There are several food outlets across the street from the venue that should hopefully serve your team’s needs.  You may wish to pre-order with one of them.

For example, we have…

  • Subway – 5194382782

  • Pizza Hut – 5196406500

  • Barakat – 5198508080

…all on the corner of Western Road and Sarnia Road.

Team Load-In

  • Team Load-in is by appointment from 2:30pm to 4:30pm
  • Each team MUST bring maximum 5 team representatives (1 must be an adult) to off load your trailer/car and take items to PIT
  • Pack for quick load/unload – large bins/NO loose items, bring dollies to help you transport your items
  • CHECK IN at the PIT ADMIN Desk that you have arrived.

Volunteer Check-In

When you arrive at the event there will be a Volunteer Check-In Desk for you to meet the Volunteer Coordinator to welcome you and give you supplementary information to the emails you have received from them. You will also receive your Volunteer T-shirt and anything else you need specific to your role. They will give you instructions on where the Volunteer Lounge is located and who you will be reporting to for the event and receive any further training from. Finally, we wanted to inform all our volunteers that masks are mandatory for all attendees at any in-person indoor FIRST Robotics Canada events held in Ontario. You can view our full COVID policy here if you require more information.

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