Choose from a variety of dining options on campus to feed your appetite. Finding a place to eat is simple, convenient, nutritious and fresh! We strive to keep our menus changing to meet your expectations. Check out dining options at York here.

Note: some dining options may not be available. 

Team will receive designated eating spaces:

  • Lunch Area designated for Teams: Upper Gym of Tait McKenzie Centre
    (one level above the competition area)


  • No eating in pits/competition areas
  • No buffet/warmers/crockpots in team eating spaces or anywhere in venue
  • Please respect the space 
  • Demonstrate our Gracious Professionalism to our host venue 
  • Join the Ontario Team Support Slack group!

Here is the designated lunch times for teams on Day1 – Saturday March 26 and Day 2 – Sunday, March 27