Kids at an FLL Tournament

FIRST LEGO League Explore

It’s never too early to discover STEM. FIRST LEGO League Explore introduces science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts to kids ages 6 to 10 while exciting them through a brand they know and love − LEGO®.

Guided by adult Coaches, teams of up to 6 members explore a real-world scientific problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc. Then they create a Show-Me poster that illustrates their journey of discovery and introduces their team.

They also construct a motorized model of what they learned using LEGO elements. In the process, teams learn about teamwork, the wonders of science and technology, and the FIRST LEGO League Explore Core Values, which include respect, sharing, and critical thinking. At the close of each season, teams come together at a Festival to strut their stuff, share ideas, celebrate, and have fun!

Students Get To

  • Design and build challenge solutions using LEGO® elements and motorized parts
  • Apply real-world math and science concepts
  • Research challenges facing today’s scientists
  • Learn team-building and presentation skills
  • Develop Show-Me posters to present their research journey
  • Build comradery and make new friends
  • Share ideas and talents
  • Build self-confidence, knowledge and life skills

FIRST LEGO League Explore 2024-25 Season

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