Canadian Women in STEM Scholarship

The annual $10,000 FIRST Canada Canadian Women in STEM Scholarship, sponsored by the Murai family, is awarded annually to one young woman in robotics who demonstrates a deep dedication to the advancement of equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM through impressive leadership and a strong passion for the field. Our mission with this scholarship is to level the playing field for motivated girls to pursue meaningful careers in STEM and feel empowered to inspire and remove barriers for other young women. It is our dream that with this scholarship, we can work towards a future that truly values and celebrates the contributions and successes of all women in STEM.

Past Recipients

FIRST Canada Youth Council member Samantha

Name: Samantha Sedran
Year Scholarship Awarded: 2022-23
University: U of T class of 2026  
Testimonial: Coming Soon

Name: Maria Muiruri
Year Scholarship Awarded: 2021-22
Field & Area of Study: Information Science and History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.                              
Testimonial: I am deeply honoured to have received the 2022 Canadian Women in STEM Scholarship. Earning this scholarship has allowed me to pursue my interest in STEM, learning how to collect meaningful data that will help change lives in the future. The generosity of the Murai family encourages me to persevere through any challenge I face while at university.

Name: Namirah Quadir
Year Scholarship Awarded: 2020-21
Field & Area of Study: Neuroscience and Government (Pre-Medicine Track) at Harvard University
Testimonial: The Canadian Women in STEM scholarship has tremendously supported my academic and extracurricular pursuits at Harvard University as well as my preparation for a future career in medicine at the intersection of STEM and entrepreneurship. I am truly humbled to have the opportunity to use this funding to continue my journey to strive for global equity and accessibility in health and education.

Name: Sarah Arnold
Year Scholarship Awarded: 2019-20
Field & Area of Study: Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University
Testimonial: I have been so grateful to have the support of the Murai family throughout my university career so far. Studying in a STEM field, especially as a woman, is not an easy task. Having their guidance has helped me to further myself both academically and professionally, while also being able to encourage other young women to follow their passions.

Name: Angela Tollis
Year Scholarship Awarded: 2018-2019
Field & Area of Study: Mechanical Engineering and Society, Minoring in Sustainability at McMaster University
Testimonial: Not only did the Canadian Women in STEM scholarship help see me through my university education, but it also gave me the confidence to excel in my program and continue to promote EDI beyond my time as a student in FIRST. From mentoring female first-year engineering students coming into our program to engaging with my engineering and society association as vice president – the scholarship continues to inspire me to chase after my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer along with creating a more inclusive environment for future generations as I work towards that goal.

The FIRST Canada Scholarship Committee is accepting applications for the “Canadian Women in STEM Award.” Canadian female students who are team participants in the 2023-2024 FIRST Robotics Competition or FIRST Tech Challenge program in Canada are encouraged to apply. One scholarship will be awarded per school calendar year and announced in 2024.