EnvironmentFIRST is an initiative created by team 772 to improve the environmental impact that FIRST leaves behind. Through this initiative, we are gathering and recycling old buttons to prevent them…

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DIY UV Sterilizer Cart

FIRST Team 1305 was approaced by local medical doctors to build a UV Sterilizer Cart to sterlize personal items (ie. phones/keys) and N95 & surgical masks that are currently being…

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3D Printer Help for our Frontline Workers

Our warriors need to wear face masks almost 16-24 hours a day. As a result they are suffering a great amount of discomfort and pressure on their ears. We are…

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Jonathan Norris - Alum 610 and Jijar alum from Eventscape have worked with a group of doctors to build a prototype of the following simple acrylic box to help reduce…

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FIRST Team 6513 Fights COVID-19

While the season might have come to an abrupt end, but it doesn’t mean we stop ourselves from positively impacting the people around us. Our team has come up with…

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Donate Goggles

Do you have face masks, protective gloves, goggles, or gowns? Donate it, urges a Toronto doctor — because hospitals could face a supply shortage within weeks. Test

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SHEP Art Contest

If you’re bored at home consider participating in the Shep Art Contest! Simply post a picture and tag #ShepArtContest as well as a safety tip! Good Luck Teams!

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