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Canada Cup
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June 12th, 2021

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Canada Cup

A showcase to celebrate the learning and accomplishments of FIRST teams from across Canada throughout the 2020-21 Game Changers season!



12:00 PM (ET)

Opening Ceremonies

FIRST Canada Speak

12:15 PM (ET)

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Robot Matches

1:00 PM (ET)

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Innovation Project Presentations

1:15 PM (ET)

FIRST LEGO League Explore Show Me Poster Presentations

1:30 PM (ET)

Kahoot Challenge

1:45 PM (ET)

Closing and Award Ceremonies

FIRST Tech Challenge Canada Cup



3:00 PM (ET)

Opening Ceremonies

3:20 PM (ET)

FTC Robot Matches

4:20 PM (ET)

Kahoot Challenge

4:35 PM (ET)

 FTC Control Award presentations

4:40 PM (ET)

Awards Ceremonies

Event Registration and Payment

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FLL Challenge Participating Teams

Province Team Number Team Name
Ontario 3434 The Pawfessionals
Ontario 3436 The Ascenders
Ontario 5875 The Corti-Patch Kids
Ontario 8404 Team Not Found
Quebec 15346 Virus
AB 30992 Tech No Logic Robotics
Ontario 34818 Tyrrell Flares
Ontario 38463 Technados
Quebec 38677 Rocket
NS 42347 Ellenvale Eagles
NS 42649 Techno Ninjas
Ontario 44642 Équipe Francobotique
Quebec 44712 Nook Homeschoolers
Ontario 45059 The GreenR Bots
BC 45300 Pythagoras Infinity X
AB 45584 DreamWorld Tech
Quebec 49459 Academie Saint-Clement
Ontario 50440 Enthiran
NS 50730 Team S.A.N.D.W.I.C.H
BC 51623 Pythagoras J²

FIRST Tech Challenge Participating Teams

Team Number Team Name

Home Region


3658 Bosons USA MO
4169 Xenoe Canada AB
4537 DRSS Enterprise USA OH
10183 F.R.O.G. Frog Robots Of Germany Germany Baden-Württemberg
11770 Curiosity USA CA
14270 Quantum Robotics Romania Bucharest
16031 PARABELLUM Canada BC
16140 TechnoDynamics Canada BC
16205 Lightning Bots Canada BC
16397 Relatively Quantum Canada ON
16417 Dr X Academy Canada ON
16424 The Atomic Dishwashers Canada ON
16448 A.I.M. Bot Robotics Canada BC
16449 Juniper Robotics USA OH
16544 Stratobots Canada AB
16932 Webber Wildcats Canada AB
18315 High Voltage Canada AB
18433 MakeShift Tech Canada ON
18450 Webber Sparklekittens Canada AB
18634 Webber WARTHAWGs Canada AB
18844 Pr0teens Canada ON
18846 Brebotics Canada ON
18920 Robotics Storm Canada NS
19328 FTC HNMA Canada NFLD

FIRST Tech Challenge Participating Teams