FIRST Canada Youth Council Guidelines

FIRST Canada Youth Council

To promote and be an ambassador of FIRST programs, initiatives,  equity, diversity and inclusion through awareness, education and action that engages, supports, inspires , and represents  the interests of FIRST Canada youth, in collaboration with FIRST Canada and FIRST Headquarters.

Member Requirements 

    • Student council members must currently be in high school and a participant on an FTC or FRC team (for the current season) or have previously been a participant on an FTC or FRC team for at least one year.

FIRST Canada Youth Council Code of Conduct

FIRST Canada Youth Council Term

September – August 

FIRST Canada Youth Council Member Terms 

The following are the different ways the Youth Council member terms can be divided: 

**Note: it is assumed that the participants who graduate before completing their term are considered to have completed their term on the Council**

  1. Members will have a one year term, and have the opportunity to apply for a second year based on their attendance and contribution during their first year on the council. 

    • Members will be on the Youth Council for one year to start (ex. September – August). Second year participation will be evaluated in July.

As per the guidelines, it is expected that once members are finished their term they will then go back to their FIRST communities and help to roll out council-based initiatives. This will allow for the Council’s message and goals to be more widespread across Canadian FIRST communities. This also gives members who are done their term a way to still be connected to and assisting the Council. 

FIRST Canada Youth Council Guidelines and Commitment 

The following are guidelines by which FIRST Canada Youth Council members are expected to abide during their term on the Youth Council: 

  1. Continued communication with the Youth Council throughout term 

    • Communication is imperative to a successful term on the Council 

    • Communication regarding check ins, projects, events, etc. via email 

    • Attending regularly-scheduled meetings via online conference calls with other members and Council facilitators 

2. Allocate time to undertake and work on projects and initiatives, at the discretion of the Youth Council facilitators

    • Being punctual with project deadlines 

    • Collaborating with other members 

    • Taking responsibility for project/initiative completion 

    • Avoid favouritism of FIRST teams within projects/initiatives 

    • i.e., be cognisant when posting on Youth Council social media/representing the Youth Council at events 

      3. Respecting of other members and Youth Council facilitators 

    • Positive collaboration and teamwork are integral to the Youth Council 

    • Respect other members opinions, ideas and beliefs

      4. Be a positive representative of FIRST Canada and of the Youth Council 

    • Conduct yourself considering FIRST values when attending events 

    • Your behaviour and actions are reflective of FIRST Canada and the Youth Council 

      5. Involvement/Preparation for meetings 

    • When attending meetings it is encouraged that you come prepared with ideas and thoughts as per the meeting agenda 

    • Do not be afraid to bring forward ideas – we embrace this! 

    • You get out what you put in, do your best to stay on top of communications and stay involved with the Council 

    • Be willing to host, moderate and take notes at the youth council meetings

      6. Giving back to the FIRST Community

    • While serving your term on the Youth Council you will be creating projects and initiatives that will be rolled out into the FIRST community 

    • After your term is complete it is expected that you continue to give back to your local FIRST community by helping implement the projects and initiatives the Youth Council creates