Sponsor Spotlight: Magna International

Who is Magna? You probably know that Magna supports FIRST Canada as a sponsor, but did you also know that they support teams in the U.S. and Mexico too? Pretty amazing! One of their employees in the U.S. volunteers over 400 hours a year to mentor a mostly female robotics team. This type of support makes them a great FIRST partner, but what makes them a great Earth partner?

According to their website, Magna International is dedicated to 7 key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Today we want to focus on their Climate Action!

Here are some facts:

Carbon Neutral

Magna is committed to carbon neutrality in Europe by 2025 and globally by 2030. So, what does this mean? Carbon neutrality means that no greenhouse gases are emitted, or emissions are offset by, among other things, planting trees or utilizing technologies that capture carbon before being released into the air. What are some of the steps that  Magna is taking to achieve this? Check this out? In 2020, 12 percent of Magna’s global energy buy was from renewable energy sources, and plans are in place to transition all operations globally to renewable energy sources. Congratulations, Magna, for making the world a better place for the youth of today and tomorrow. For that, we award you the coveted 5 Robots! For more information about Magna International, go to https://www.magna.com/


5 robots