Dear FLL Coaches,

Please read below for information about preparing for your tournament and for resources and training opportunities that could benefit your team.

  1. Tournament Preparation: Event Guide & Webinar
  2. Upcoming Training Workshops
  3. Student Registration & Team Roster
  4. FLL Team Timeline
    • Core Values
    • Innovation Project
    • Robot Design
  1. Tournament Preparation – Please click HERE to access the FL Event Guide for Teams, a comprehensive guide that provides information to help prepare for your upcoming tournament, including event checklists, timelines and logistics and information about the judging process. For those who missed last week’s webinar about how to prepare for your first tournament, you can click HERE to access the recording.
  2. Upcoming Training Workshops – SWATposium is an annual conference taking place on Saturday, November 2 at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School in Oakville, where FIRST teams can meet and learn from one another through participation in a variety of engaging and informative workshops about building, programming and the Innovation Project (robots and laptops required for participation in building & programming workshops). Please click HERE for the workshop descriptions and to register. Hope to see you there!
  3. Student Registration & Team Roster – If you have not done so already, please start the process of adding students to the team roster. Click HERE for a video that explains how to invite parents to register their children for your team. The information at this LINK explains the registration process to parents but please note that anyone without access to a computer or email can instead complete the printable consent form (available through your dashboard in the FIRST Portal)
  4. FLL Team Timeline – These are just some guidelines to help you stay on track and to prepare for your tournament, the first of which is only 3 weeks away! For a more detailed description of recommended weekly tasks please refer to the Team Meeting Guide. You may also wish to consult the FIRST Steps Curriculum or the FLL Beginner’s Guide for alternative season planning resources.
    • Core Values:
      • Order team shirts. This is optional and just one way to develop your team’s image. Students could also wear school jerseys, costumes or some other matching accessories to make their team more visible and memorable to judges at the tournament
      • Discuss ways in which your team has demonstrated the Core Values throughout the season. Ask team members to give specific examples (both within and outside of FLL) that they could share with judges.
    • Robot Design:
      • Complete the Crane Mission Robot Lesson 7, as outlined on the poster at this link, develop a mission strategy and decide on a design for your robot (click here for sample building instructions)
      • Design attachments for and program the robot to consistently achieve at least 50% of your team’s Robot Game goals (click here for information about passive vs. powered attachments)
    • Innovation Project:
      • Select an innovative solution for your team’s chosen problem and use the white LEGO bricks to build a prototype that will also be used in Mission 11 in the Robot Game.
      • Brainstorm creative ways that your team could share their project, both with those who could benefit from the solution and with judges at a tournament (click here for a link to an award winning presentation by Team Blackout in 2013)

You can also view last week’s recommended tasks in the archive at the following link:
Go teams!