The Argosy Foundation empowers FTC SIM users to take their robotics experience to the next level by providing 140 x $1000 USD grants to start a competitive FIRST Tech Challenge Team! Less than 90 left!

How to Receive the Grant

Step 1: Collect all 15 lightning bolts in the FTC SIM puzzles.

  • Use Blocks or Java code to collect the lightning bolts and complete the levels! Once you have collected them all, your custom code will appear on the achievements page. After reading the steps to receive the grant.

Step 2: Approach an adult about running a team!

Use this link to find your local FIRST Tech Challenge Program Delivery Partner to find out more about what the season looks like in your area

Step 3: An adult must register for a competition team. DO NOT complete the payment portion of the registration.
Step 4: An adult must complete the grant application form at the bottom of this page.

You will need the following information:

      • Grant Code: Found on the “Achievements” page on
      • FTC SIM Username: This is the email or username used to sign into the account that the grant code was awarded to
      • Temporary Team Number: Your FTC temporary team will be a 9-digit team number that looks like “2022XXXXX”

Step 5: Be patient! 

  • When the grant has been approved and applied to the team’s account, the adult who started the registration process will receive a notification to complete the team registration and use the grant to purchase the registration and robot components.

Step 6: Get Started!

While you are waiting for your robot components to ship, you can get familiar with the following resources:

Please fill out this form to apply for the grant