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Are you interested in volunteering as a Safety Manager?

You will be attending a FIRST Robotics Competition Event (2.5 days) as a Safety Manager where students ages 9-12 will participate in Robot Competition and be judged for various awards (technical and non-technical). You also need to take the Safety Manager training in the FIRST Dashboard. More instructions to follow once you register below for the role. Here are some important aspects of the event:

The Safety Manager for FIRST Robotics Competition is a key volunteer position. Volunteers in this role will work with teams to ensure they understand, comply with, and practice safety fundamentals to ensure the safety of all FIRST event participants. The FIRST Safety program nurtures a positive reinforcement model emphasizing safe behaviour and coaching to correct unsafe behaviour. The goal is to have a safe event and to promote safety as a holistic life skill. Safety Advisors will receive training before the event and maintain a high level of safety as stated in the FIRST Safety Manual and the FIRST Game & Event Rules Manual. For more information on the Safety Manager Role, click here.

  • Check out the Volunteer/Dates/Location
  • Sign up here if you are interested in volunteering as a Safety Manager
  • Time Commitment: 2.5 Days + 1-hour virtual training
  • Sample Timing Schedule:
    • Friday – arrive at 4:00 pm
    • Saturday – arrive at 6:30 am and leave at 7:00 pm
    • Sunday – arrive at 6:30 pm and leave at 6:00 pm
  • Meals:
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Fri/Sat) will be provided on all days
  • Tasks at the Event:
    • Detailed schedule and tasks to be performed to be provided in February