FirstOntario Center
101 York Blvd Hamilton, ON L8R 3L4
April 6-8

Venue Directions

FirstOntario Centre 

101 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8R 3L4 
Both competition fields will be in the main arena area of the FirstOntario Centre, with the pits and practice fields residing at field level a short distance away. 
Approximate map of venue setup: 
Concourse (Upper) Level Field (Lower) Level 
Locations of and directions to other important rooms, such as judged award interview locations, are always available at Pit Admin. 

Team Parking

Team parking is available in a number of locations near the FirstOntario Centre:

Numerous other Hamilton parking locations are also available nearby the FirstOntario Centre.


Food and Team Eating Spaces

Concessions Open: 

  • Section 117-118 – Name of Stand: Pepsi
  • Section 112-113  – Name of Stand: Pizza Pizza
  • Section 110-111 –  Name of Stand: Franks & Suds
  • Section 108 –  Name of Stand: Food Work

Team Boxed Meals

Compass Catering would like to offer teams the convenience of ordering boxed meals for lunch and/or dinner  to teams that will be delivered and distributed. 

Please click here to pre-order your team meals by Noon Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Please forward completed order form to

Choose from meal options: Sandwiches, Running Tacos, Pizzas, water, drinks 

Outside Food

In addition to the concessions and team boxed lunch options, teams are also able to bring outside food into the venue. There are multiple food vendors in the mall next to the arena building that teams can utilize.

Teams will be provided with 5 lanyards which can be used to bring in reasonable quantities of outside food at any entrance. Individuals without a lanyard can enter with outside food via the Box Office entrance – all other entrances will be monitored by venue, security staff and outside food disallowed. 

The following general outside food guidelines should also be followed:

  • No buffet/warmers/crockpots in team eating spaces or anywhere in venue
  • No food can be sold by any attendee of the event
  • No tailgating/BBQ/tables/food stations can be set up in the parking lot and/or building

Teams are asked to adhere to venue policies and graciously dispose of any garbage, recyclables, and/or food waste appropriately, and not leave refuse behind in the stands at the end of the day.

Team Load In

Downloadable Schedule Here 

Scheduled team load-in begins at 11:00 am on Wednesday, April 5th, with teams allowed to bring up to 5 members to drop off items in the pit. Teams should review and adhere to Section 4 of the FRC Event Rules, which specify Team Load-In rules. In addition, the following guidelines specific to this event apply: 

  • Teams should check in at the Pit Admin desk immediately after they have arrived
  • Teams should pack for quick load/unload – teams will have limited time in the loading/unloading area before being asked to leave 
  • Vehicle drivers must stay with their vehicles at all times when in the loading/unloading area. Only one vehicle per team can be present in the loading/unloading zone – any additional vehicles must be parked elsewhere 
  • Teams are allocated a maximum of one hour for early pit setup 

The FirstOntario Centre is located in downtown Hamilton, and load-in instructions are made to ensure traffic flow is not impacted. 

Directions to staging and load-in areas: 

  • Teams should stage along Market St facing south-east (towards Bay St N / FirstOntario Centre). Vehicle drivers must remain with their vehicles at all times while staged on Market St.
  • Teams should wait for instructions from FIRST Canada staff or a designated FirstOntario Centre Parking authority before moving into the FirstOntario Centre loading area. Only vehicles with pit load in items are allowed in the loading area during the team load in process. 
  • Teams must provide their own crew to unload – no personnel will be provided by FIRST Canada. Teams are asked to be as quick as possible in entering and exiting the loading area. 

Team load-In via Market St

Team Parking

Team parking is available in a number of locations near the FirstOntario Centre:

Numerous other Hamilton parking locations are also available nearby the FirstOntario Centre.


Volunteer Check-In and Registration

When you arrive at the event there will be a Volunteer Check-In Desk for you to meet the Volunteer Coordinator to welcome you and give you supplementary information to the emails you have received from them. You will also receive your Volunteer T-shirt and anything else you need specific to your role. They will give you instructions on where the Volunteer Lounge is located and who you will be reporting to for the event and receive any further training from. Finally, we wanted to inform all our volunteers that masks are mandatory for all attendees at any in-person indoor FIRST Robotics Canada events held in Ontario. You can view our full COVID policy here if you require more information.

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