​​FIRST Robotics Canada would like to offer a post-tournament event carpet to our teams. We typically prioritize the allocation of carpet to teams who are involved in running annual events/activities that support the FIRST community. We also give away the event carpet to teams to help them.

This document is a confirmation that your team would like some or all of the carpet at the end of a specified FRC event.

Please understand that it is extremely important that you ensure you remove the carpet from the venue for which this document is signed by you. FIRST Robotics Canada cannot be in a situation where your team leaves the event, and or refuses to take away the carpet once the event is underway.

Requirements for obtaining confirmation of carpet to your team

  •   Lead team mentor MUST acknowledge their intent to take away the carpet from a specific event by signing and returning this confirmation/commitment document
  •   at least 6 team members must remain at the event to assist with removing the carpet
  •   carpet is given to teams at approximately 2.0 hours following awards
  •   carpet recipients MUST pre-organize their own transportation and removal of carpet from the venue in a timely manner following the time the carpet is released to them
  •   teams must bring 4-6 of their own dolly’s and tie-downs to cart away the carpet

At the start of an event: Day 0 or team load in the day, the lead team mentor(s) must connect with the specific event FIRST Canada Staff member and Pit Admin to inform them that they in fact are prepared (truck/dolly/tie-downs etc) to remove the carpet at the end of the designated event.

Event Field Carpet Giveaway Request Form