Introducing the Pipeline Grant: Rewarding All FIRST Canada Teams in Ontario and Ontario Class Packs Across All Programs.

Our goal is to foster the growth of new Explore teams in Ontario, Canada by rewarding the FIRST Canada community in Ontario for their support. Here’s how it works:

For every new team or class pack you start for the MasterPiece season, you’ll be eligible for the Pipeline Grant.

This means:

  • CAD $50 Per Team – for each new team successfully started.
  • CAD $150 Per Class Pack – ideal for educators. 
  • CAD $50 Bonus for starting 5 or More Teams or Class Packs

Rules and Guidelines:

1.  Verify New Team: Before applying for the Grant, please ensure you have proof of registration for the new team,  confirmed by the issuance of a permanent team number by the New Team registrant  and you are meeting FIRST‘s definition for having started a team.

2.  Receive Your Payment: Once the registration of the new team has been verified, you’ll receive your grant payment. 

By participating in the Pipeline Grant, you’re not only benefiting your team but also helping to inspire and support the next generation of innovators and creators. Join us today and make a difference!  

Apply below:

Pipeline Grant

Which FIRST Robotics program is the referring team a part of?(Required)
Name of person making the referral(Required)
Address where the grant cheque should be sent(Required)
Enter the new team number provided by HQ for the team that you referred